Research and development  it is the department of creativity, dynamism, dedicated continuously to the study and design of new models. Our fundamental belief is being alongside our partners, from the beginning to the end, from the birth of the idea to its realisation, to provide tailored services and products to their specific needs, and market in which the products are placed.

A design office, research and development that makes use of its facilities in Italy and abroad, and production sites, where a team of experts dealing daily with passion of making prototypes and samples, development of patterns by using CAD systems, new material and technologies research in the sector of footwear soles and up to the study of fit test application for the correct dimensional development of the product.

In addition to the development and implementation of the collections, we offer to our partners the support in logistics management, which includes orders and transport (orders issued, rules of packaging and shipping; application of transportation documents and quality control of products) and the support in the research of best sites of production and product industrialisation.