Fashion tout court

Pierre Cardin fashion designer tout court, represents the fashion at 360 degrees. He was born in Italy and grew up in Paris, thanks to his genius and tireless energy he has made a fundamental contribution to the world of couture and high fashion positioning itself as a high-style. Quirky and nonconformist, he has always kept himself the forward looking into the future and trends. Today his ability is celebrated by various publications and at a Parisian Museum dedicated to him.

Sixty years of fashion history that have inspired the brand, geometric patterns, asymmetrical shapes, oversized buttons and mini dresses: since the beginning, Pierre Cardin proved to be a pioneer of fashion creating unisex collections made by the mixture of sophisticated texture with avant-garde pieces inspired by the space age.

He was the first to take on the runway the miniskirt, and on the 1966 he caused a scandal with his tight and sexy skirt with rip, and his prefabricated clothes made in chain and plastic jewels.

Pierre Cardin’s world was made by art without limits, with his histrionic talent he has been able to understand and transform different styles in fashion: clothing, design objects, porcelains, accessories, jewellery and perfumes, electronic items, restaurant chains and hotels.

The brand Pierre Cardin has always been forward looking to the future and to innovative style, that never ceases to surprise. Since it has included the sneakers world by offering minimal elegance and originality also in the footwear sector.