SportUp Group was born in 2000 thanks to the diligence and passion in sports of two businessmen, bonded by the goal to design, make and commercialize casual and athletic shoes.

Listening to the market needs, the company has always been inspired to a careful research on the quality of materials, an exclusive design and the adoption of an innovative and forward-thinking style, improving at the meantime the quality/price of every single product. A strong creative instinct keeps alive the philosophy of the company based on the renovation and the respect of values that will never change.

Nowadays SportUp Group manages international brands such as Australian, Alpina, Pierre Cardin and L.A. Gear, and also its own brand of Sneakers.

We offer different kind of styles that include gym shoes (running, basket, tennis, footwear, trekking), casual and city style, up to the summer shoes, that can satisfy an heterogeneous rage of customers for man, women and kids.

SportUp Group is located in Padua and China. It consists of different product units in the Far East and has a retail networks at the national scale.

Since almost twenty years, with passion and expertise, we take care of:

  • research of projects and design
  • creation of model and shoes sample
  • creation of quality product
  • development and implementation of portfolio
  • support work in marketing strategies
  • business consulting (recruitment of agents and coordination of retail networking)
  • logistic support

“Our main goal is to provide suitable services and products able to respond to the partners needs to guarantee success, quality and business opportunity giving by at 360° services”